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Many high yielding investment schemes are likely to be unlawful Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes in contravention of UK law.

Investment Types

All of the Investments listed below are usually a high yielding investment offering up to 12% net return. The Investor will purchase a lease to a unit for a period of time, with an assured rental for up to 10 years. The majority of developments that have been sold to investors, we believe are Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (UCIS).

If you believe you may have invested in one of these schemes and want to know more please contact us

Hotel Room Investments
Care Home Investments
Student Accommodation
Storage Units
Office Investments
Car Park Spaces

About Us


We have spent the last few years working with people who have found themselves caught up in Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes.

Our team is made up of lawyers and experienced property professionals who have first-hand experience of UCIS`s.

We are NOT a Claims Management Company but simply an Advice Point for investors who have unwittingly been encouraged to invest in schemes that my be unregulated and therefore unlawful.

We can assess your position and the legitimacy (or otherwise) of the Scheme into which you have invested and provide you with a report of our findings.

We will not charge you for this service.

If we find that you have invested in an unlawful scheme we will direct you to appropriate help to seek redress and compensation for your loss.

Our experts are the finest

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Mr NW (Berkshire)

I got a speedy response and confirmation that I had invested into an unlawful scheme.

Mr NB (Lancaster)

I was surprised to find that I was involved in an unlawful scheme. The team at UCIS Advice Point have helped me to understand my position.

Mr MS (Lytham)

The team at Advice Point really surprised me with their knowledge and understanding of unlawful Collective Investment Schemes.


What is a UCIS?


Most investors are unaware that the unit they have purchased may be an Unregulated Collective Investment Scheme (“UCIS”).

The term (“UCIS”) applies to a wide range of investment types and you may have been wrongly advised to purchase in a particular scheme. These schemes are frequently used where large buildings are being split into smaller units and sold off with individual titles.

The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA) section S235 defines a Collective Investment Scheme.


S235/2 states:-

  • “The arrangements must be such that the persons who are to participate (“participants”) do not have day-to-day control over the management of the property, whether or not they have the right to be consulted or give directions.”


S235/3 goes on:

“The arrangements must also have either or both of the following characteristics” —

a) the contributions of the participants and the profits or income out of which payments are to be made to them are pooled;

(b) the property is managed as a whole by or on behalf of the operator of the scheme.


If you think that the property you have purchased may be part of an unlawful Unregulated Collective Investment Scheme you may be entitled to a refund of your purchase price and costs (even if the developer has gone into liquidation).

UCIS Advice Point will provide a totally FREE ASSESSMENT to anyone who may be concerned about their investment.


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